We at We Are Fit are concerned about the environment and sustainability, and we take social responsibility seriously. Our training clothes are made in China, in certified factories with good conditions that undergo annual inspections to check that there is no child labor, that the factory does not emit too much environmental gases and that they strive to use recycled materials where possible. Our wool clothes are made on approved non-mule farms that are very concerned about the welfare of the animals.

In 2020, we stopped air transport and now transport all our goods by boat from China. This requires more resources in terms of time and planning, but for us it was an important choice to protect the environment.

In 2021, we will work strategically towards collections of organic cotton and also recycled materials. The material now used in our clothes is polyester and spandex. The products are of high quality, and we are now developing our environmental profile with a strong focus on production with regard to the environment, safety, quality and fit. As of today, our products are environmentally certified according to https://www.oeko-tex.com/en, but this year we will invest significant sums in the development of sustainable production.

We chose to produce our goods in China, because they deliver very good quality work and we wanted to help lift even more people out of poverty. The fact that companies in the West are moving production to the East has been an extremely important development for people living in otherwise poor conditions. We are concerned that everyone who works at We Are Fit, including our subcontractors, has the terms and rights that all employees should have.

Thank you for trading with us <3, it gives us the opportunity to take even greater social responsibility and to give even more people a job they need. Greetings to all of us at We Are Fit